Assumption of the Holy Virgin Church
Orthodox Church in America
Clifton, NJ
June 18th Bulletin Announcements

Please note that I have included a list of the Orthodox Saints of North America. They are a very important part of our identity as North American Christians. If you go to the Orthodox Church of America website: and go to Saints of the Day, then search for June 18th, you will find a summary of who these saints are, why they have been recognized as saints & what they did. They all have interesting & inspiring stories. As we pray to them in faith, we join with the Communion of Saints in inteceding not only for ourselves, our friends, our Church but even the whole universe. Several of these saints spilt their blood on the earth in the name of Christ and thus, not only offered their life to Christ but also that earth into which their blood filtered.

Fr. Terry

061117 Bulletin Announcements
Gospel & Eucharist
Gospel & Eucharist Pentecost Sunday 2017