Assumption of the Holy Virgin Church
Orthodox Church in America
Clifton, NJ
Holy Synod to meet about the Coronavirus today

There is understandably much discussion & concern about the current Coronavirus. The Holy Synod of the OCA is meeting today to discuss measures that we may need to take in response to it. Please click onto the following link to read what the OCA website has to say about it:

Fr. Terence Baz

Annual Rummage Sale
Annual Rummage Sale

Dear Parishioners,


We are writing to you at this time because we know you are the resources for our 'annual rummage sales' and we greatly appreciate your help.


We are asking that you 'hold-off'  bringing  your donated items for this fund raiser to the Church Hall,  until further notice.  Each day is evolving 

with news about the virus so therefore, we may need to change plans. 


Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.   


Thank you for understanding and for your patience during this time.   


Our prayers for your well being.

Marilyn Wong-Hutnyan & Barbara Polk


Sisterhood of St. Barbara




Save - the - Date


June 5th and 6th

Organized by the church's Sisterhood of St. Barbara